Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life opens at noon today!!!
Lots of information is available at our website

Running March 12-22 across 9 sims, this year’s theme will be “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. Spread over the sims will be over 200 stores with a hunt and gatcha areas, all with the goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Fashion for Life will feature the best designers from around the globe.

Over 1,400,000L has already been raised via sponsorships and store registration and shopping. With nine sim sponsors including KMadd, SLink, House of RFyre, Nicky Ree, Bliss Couture, Evie's Closet, Falln Angels, Lapointe & Bastchild, and Woe, we expect this to be the biggest so far, with donated funds going to the American Cancer Society via their RFL program in SL.

Find out why BOSL says, "The whole team behind ‘Fashion for Life 2011’ have raised the bar by miles, triumphantly producing what is- quite frankly- fashion nirvana."

Help us Fight for the Cause and have fun doing it! 100% of donated funds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

HUNT: Starting at Black Cat Bones!


The Black Cat Bones Anniversary Hunt

Starts Now!

Twenty-Two Black Kittens Have Been Hidden Throughout The Store And They Are Waiting For You.

✿ Ten Kittens Wear Red Collars And Everyone Gets One.

✿ Ten Kittens Wear White Collars And Only TEN Lucky Hunters Get One Each.

✿ And Two Black Kittens Wear A Black Collar And Contain THE GRAND PRIZES - A L$2500.00 SHOPPING SPREE !

So Come Join Us For Our First Anniversary Celebration Going On Now Through Sunday Afternoon And Take Advantage Of Our Winter Sale.

Every Winter Item Has Been Reduced 50 - 75%

And Keep Your Eyes On Those Lucky Cages While You Hunt For the Black Kittens.

Best wishes to all,
Black Cat Bones

Black Cat Bones Fashion and Design in SL:

HUNT: Torvalds Forge Freebie Hunt

Greetings Torvalds Forgers!

We've given out a lot of freebies over the years, and we know some of you may have not been around for the full 2 years, and thus missed them. And you do not want to miss out on these gems, let me tell you!

So, we've scattered some boxes all over the shop for you to find, filled to the brim with freebie goodness. Oooooh, mini hunt, go go go!

You will be able to find such items as:
- A Torvaldslanders altar
- A Rune Priest Table
- Special Brotime Edition of "Ivar"
- Pyjamas for men and women
- Old Skool Torvie posters from Skjern
- Animated Cooking stands
- Gorean Mailbox
- Battle Helm of Disney
- Paaskeris
- Helm of Easter
- Barrel of Arrows
- Fishermans Hut
- Guard Post

So, go on, visit Torvalds Forge now and get the freebies. There are 8 boxes to find all in all. They wont be there in a week!!!


Torvalds Forge in SL:

HUNT: Black Cat Bones


Black Cat Bones Is Having a Birthday
And You Are Invited!

February 18th 5 PM SLT - February 21st 5 PM SLT

Help us celebrate our first year with a store wide HUNT and SALE. We are slashing prices on all winter apparel. Join us for exceptional savings on quality items!

While you are here, search the store for hidden prizes. Our little black kittens are spread throughout the store and each one holds a gift for you.

10 Red Collared Kittens with Prizes for All
10 White Collared Kittens with One-Time Prizes
1 Black Collared Kitten contains the Grand Prize:
A L$2500 Shopping Spree!


Black Cat Bones Fashion and Design in SL:

ALL EYES ON: Gorean footwear!

All eyes on: shoes & boots

This post will show you the variety of gorean footwear! From sandals, platform shoes up to the boots...everything you can find here!


Picture 1:
Left: ViGo Creations - Fur Boots brown (200 L, unisex)
Right: Nefarious - Willow White Boots (350 L, female)

Picture 2:
Left: Snatched - Warrior Sandles Delivery Crate (99 L, male)
Middle: Rhapsody Designs - Sandals "Tiberia/brown" (220 L, female)
Right: Ripped - Azrael Sandals (200 L, male)

Picture 3:
Left: whatz - growling brown boots (400 L, male)
Right: Shack - Sa'Tora Boots Tan (295 L, female)

Picture 4:
Left: Ripped - Buckled Ballet - Black (100 L, female)
Middle: ViGo Creations - Slippers brown (100 L, female)
Right: Blowballs – Brit (299 L, female)

Picture 5:
Left: The Forge - Vagrant Sandals, Brown (200 L, male)
Middle: Rhapsody Designs - Sandals Moriza/brown (165 L, unisex)
Right: A&R Design - Gorean Hard Work Male Sandals Lubiano (50 L, male also available as female)

Picture 6:
Left: jenni Eros - Se`kar White Larl Boots Boxed (75 L, female)
Middle: Happy Tantrum - Plains Boots Dark (150 L, unisex)
Right: May's Soul - lena boots (100 L, female)

Picture 7:
Left: Ania's Arsenal - Blue Chopines (100 L, female)
Middle: Sabra’s Dresses - IS Joy Heels Green (200 L, female)
Right: ViGo Creations - High Caste Sandals white (200 L, female)

Picture 8:
Left: May's Soul - torvis boots (100 L, female)
Middle: Juicee - Blizzard boots - white - silver fur (250 L, unisex)
Right: Ripped - Scorn Boots - Brown (200 L, unisex)

Picture 9:
Left: Blowballs - Kyraboots (99 L, female)
Right: Priory of Roses - Winter Moccasins in Deep Oiled Leather & Rabbit Fur (128 L, unisex)

Picture 10:
Left: C&N Gorean Designs - CAJA red native boots (200 L, unisex)
Right: Voltai - Anarki Snowshoes (50 L, unisex)

Picture 11:
Left: Happy Tantrum - Freckled Thigh-Highs (200 L, unisex)
Middle: ViGo Creations - Northern Shoes brown (200 L, unisex)
Right: Nefarious - Yetti Stompers White (350 L, female)

All landmarks (and more) of the shops // Alle Landmarks (und mehr) der Shops

A&R Design
Ania's Arsenal
C&N Gorean Designs
Jenni Eros
Happy Tantrum
May's Soul
Priory of Roses
Rhapsody Designs
Sabra’s Dresses
The Forge
ViGo Creations